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The Future Role of the EU Structural Funds to Assist the Transition to Community Living for Older People and Persons with Disabilities

03.05.2013 - 03.05.2013

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This one-day conference will examine the positive potential of the EU Structural Funds in assisting Member States to achieve independent and community living for older persons and persons with disabilities. It is timely given the ongoing process of drafting new Structural Fund Regulations for the funding period of 2014-2020.  It will contribute to debate at EU level regarding EU compliance with the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities as well as with the rights of older persons.  It will examine the policy continuities between older people and persons with disabilities especially as regards community living.  It will reflect on international best practice and identify the added value of the EU Structural Funds.  Key messages will emerge as to the future use of the Funds.

For further information please refer to the organisers' website.

Centre for Disability Law and Policy, NUI Galway



Suzanne Doyle, Centre for Disability Law and Policy, NUI Galway