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Conference on Better Assessment and Evaluation to Improve Teaching and Learning

19.03.2013 - 20.03.2013

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This conference focused on how assessment and evaluation frameworks and practices implemented by schools and educational systems can best promote the acquisition of key competences and improved learning for students.

Delegates considered the implications for policy and educational practice of recent research conducted by both the European Commission and the OECD, and the experience of countries that have successfully combined assessment and evaluation systems to promote better teaching and improved learning.

Participants included education policy makers, personnel from government departments and local authorities, personnel involved in evaluation and assessment, including inspectorates of education, research and evaluation institutes, school leaders and teacher educators.

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Opening Address -  Seán Ó Foghlú (Secretary General of the Department of Education and Skills)

Closing Address  -  Minister of State for Training and Skills Ciarán Cannon TD


Presentations (19-20 March)

Day 1

#1  The Assessment of Key Competences in Schools -  Tapio Säävälä 

#2  The Assessment of Key Competences: Implications for Practice -  Professor Paul Black

#3  The Assessment of Key Competences: A Response- Professor Eugene Wall

#4  School Evaluation to Support the Acquisition of Key Competences - Professor Graham Donaldson


Day 2

#5  OECD Review on Evaluation and Assessment Frameworks for Improving School Outcomes-  Dr. Paulo Santiago

#6  Evaluation and Assessment Framework: A Country Response - Dr. Harold Hislop

#7  Feedback from Workshop Discussions - Pádraig Mac Fhlannchadha

#8  Rapporteur's Report - Professor John Coolahan



Workshop #1   Comparing country approaches to assessing key competences - Dr. Bertrand Pajot, Caroline Kearney and Kath Grant

Workshop #2   Evaluation and Assessment of Key Competences in Denmark - Steen Lassen

Workshop #4   Evaluation and Assessment Policy and Practice in Northern Ireland - Faustina Graham

Workshop #5   The Use of ICT for the Assessment of Key Competences - Dr. Christine Redecker and Dr. Yves Punie



Dublin Castle 2 Palace Street, Dublin 2, Co. Dublin



picture of Caitríona Ní Bhriain, Inspector

Caitríona Ní Bhriain, Inspector




picture of Deirdre Grant, Director of Communications,

Deirdre Grant, Director of Communications, (Education)