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agri: Agriculture & Fisheries

The Agriculture and Fisheries Council deals with the European Union’s policies on agricultural issues, including the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), forestry and food safety, and the harmonisation of rules on issues such as veterinary matters, animal welfare,  and pesticides. It also deals with the Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) and maritime affairs. It is made up of the Ministers from all EU Member States that are responsible for these issues, meets once a month and during the Irish Presidency is being chaired by Mr. Simon Coveney, Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine.

The key priorities of the Irish Presidency include:

  • Securing agreement on CAP reform (including direct payments to farmers, market supports, rural development policy and new rules on financing and controls).

  • Furthering reform of the CFP and reaching agreement on the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund (EMFF).