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envi: Environment

The Environment Council works to promote a greener Europe through the more efficient use of available natural resources, while also working to develop solutions to environmental challenges faced by Member States. The Council deals with a range of issues including energy and transport emissions, water quality and safety, and food production. At the international level, the Council agrees an EU approach which contributes to solving global environmental challenges, including climate change. The Environment Council brings together the Ministers responsible for these issues. It will meet four times a year during the Irish Presidency and will be chaired by Mr. Phil Hogan, Minister for Environment, Community and Local Government. 

The key priorities of the Irish Presidency include:

  • Working to finalise agreement on the 7th Environmental Action Programme and supporting development of a new EU Climate Change Adaptation Strategy.

  • Making progress on legislation in the following areas: proposal on Priority Substances, Ship Recycling, Batteries Directive, CO2 from Cars and Vans, Emissions Trading Scheme, Environment and Climate Action (LIFE), Fluorinated Greenhouse Gases (F-Gases), and Environmental Impact Assessments.

  • Representing the EU in the international arena (Rio +20, UNEP, Mercury, UNFCCC, UN Waste & Chemical Conventions).